Navigating through the Northeast Region and Genesis Conference

Northeast Region / Genesis Conference Office

Superintendent - Mitch Pierce
Located in Stafford, NY

Administrative Assistant - Judy Cornman
Located in Batavia, NY

NER/Conference Office operations-communications & administration
Pension Administrator

Director of Administrative Services - Randy Freeman
Located in Rochester, NY

Business, Legal, and Financial Matters
Conference Finances - Genesis & Keystone

Director of Church Development - Andy Haskins
Located in Allegany, NY

Church Development & Re-launching
Coaching Networks

KCLF Bookkeeper - Lisa Onink
Located in Russell, PA

Bookkeeping & Financial Records – Keystone Conference Loan Fund

Secretary - Manda McGrath
Located in Bergen, NY

Ministerial Tracking System (MTS)
(for LMCs and CMCs working towards Ordination)

Webmaster - Justin Michau
Located in Batavia, NY
NER Website and creative design

Bookkeeper - Ellen Horton
Located in Yorkshire, NY

Bookkeeping & Financial Records - Genesis & Keystone

Financial Secretary - Judy Cornman
Receive & Deposit Income - Genesis & Keystone

Conference Treasurer - Scott Sittig
Located in Rochester, NY

Conference Secretary - Judy Cornman

BOA Chair - Rob Campbell           
Located in Endicott, NY

BOA Vice-Chair - Brian Babcock
Located in Rochester, NY



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